AcuRite 02032 Weather Station Review

AcuRite 02032 Pro Weather Station Review

There's no better weather station than the AcuRite Weather Station. It allows users to collect their data fast and without delay. In fact, it sends automatic updates every 18 to 36 seconds the device is in use.

AcuRite 02032 Pro Weather Station


About The Products

A good weather station is not hard to come by. All it takes is proper research, understanding the features you're looking for, and the ability to make a purchasing decision. You'll be rewarded with a fully functional weather station that's worth your money.

Keep reading this review. We'll show you everything that makes this product highly rated on Amazon. We want to help users get the information they need so they can buy a weather station that's valuable and gets the job done.


  • 5-in-1 Wireless Sensor
  • Push Notifications on storm alert
  • Easy Installation
  • Rain Gauge with tipping bucket technology
  • Consistent 12 to 24-hour forecasts

Product Overview

The AcuRite Weather Station has a great build quality, simple installation, and comes with an app to help users share their data via online. You can find this reliable weather station on Amazon at a price around $149.

AcurRite's sensor point is constructed out of pure metal. This prevents the device from being exposed to rust, bacteria, and other ailments that can destroy the weather station. Because of this, users like this device because of its durability and longevity.

Another reason to like this device is its compatibility with the user's personal computer. For instance, users can find their data found on the device's AcuRite app and can share it through the internet. For users wanting a great weather station with accurate online reports, this is the right one for you.

When it comes to forecasting accuracy, the AcuRite Weather Station is the best in its league. The device has a self-calibrating technology that allows the user's console to retrieve data from the sensor unit. Thus, giving you weather reports with unit measurements in .5 increments.

Consumers also like the wireless sensor that comes with the device. It has a transmission range that maxes at 300ft. But, due to the line of light and the obstruction of multiple walls, it transmits data by up to 100ft.

Weather Station


And, we also like the types of data that the weather station records. The AcuRite Weather Station tracks the humidity, temperature, wind speed/wind direction, and rainfall. It's a versatile weather station that will give you the right data that you need.

On the other hand, there is one small disadvantage. Although it's wireless, it doesn't tend to work well during extreme weather conditions. Because of this, you should use the AcuRite Weather Station indoors to receive the most precise reports.

The AcuRite Weather Station is the most precise weather stations in the market. Users can view their weather reports anywhere from either the laptop, smartphone, or a tablet. One can experience a reliable weather station while having this device at an affordable price.

Buying Advice

Are you still unsure on what to buy? We suggest that you look into this section if you're confused. Buying your first weather station can be an extensive process. You're constantly surrounded by a myriad of products, but you'll still find it hard to figure out which one works for you.

To make a conscious buying decision, we suggest that you research everything about the weather station you have in mind. Check out its specs and its features and see if it's a good fit for you and the weather forecasting goals you have in mind. Then, you'll have a reliable weather station delivered right to your footsteps.

Wind Direction And Speed

When looking for a weather station that calculates both the wind direction and the speed, you need to find the exact one that works best for here. Here's a list describing the three best weather stations you can find.

Cup Anemometer

This type uses at least 3 cups to measure the wind speed. Wind vanes are used to calculate the wind direction. The vane is always pointed in a direction where the wind is arriving and reports that data through an analog voltage signal that's proportional to the azimuth angle.

When it comes to wind speed, all of the 3 cups are in use, so one cup is placed at a 45-degree angle towards the wind. With this setup, there's not one cup that doesn't have any wind. The voltage output has to be properly scaled to fit the rotation diameter, actual wind speed, and on the size of the 3 cups associated with the device.

Sonic Anemometer

This type uses ultrasonic waves in order to find the wind speed in an environment. The wind speed is measured based on the time the sonic pulses between the transducers, and it can calculate the wind velocity in a 3-dimensional flow. They are good for measuring turbulence and can receive measurements at around 20Hz.

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Vane Anemometer

The propeller and the vane of this anemometer work together. The wind vane positions the propeller into the current wind direction. This allows for the device to track both the wind speed and the direction.

Your wind speed is measured by the four-blade propeller where the wind speed is directly proportional to the rotation frequency.Just like a cup anemometer, it outputs a voltage that is proportional to the device's azimuth angle.

Closing Remarks

To conclude, every weather aficionado should get their hands on the AcuRite Weather Station. Not only does it allow you to share your results via online, but it also gives you reports more accurate than its competitors.

Also, the device has a My Weather Underground feature that lets you keep your stored data on a private server. It doesn't matter if you track weather professionally or as a hobby, you can't go wrong with buying the AcuRite Weather Station.

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