Ambient Weather WS-1201-IP Review

Ambient Weather WS-1201-IP Review

Without a weather station, you're unable to see exactly how the weather is reacting around you. This can lead to you being unable to evacuate during such natural disasters such as hail, hurricanes, and upcoming tornados.


That's why the Ambient Weather WS-1201 is the best weather station that's available. It allows users to receive an accurate reading on their environment. Continue reading to see why this device is a must-have for the serious weather forecaster.

Product Features

  • Outdoor/Indoor Sensor Arrays
  • Detects temperature, wind speed, humidity, UV, and much more
  • Programmable Alarms
  • Connects to Weather Underground
  • 14 Second Automatic Reports


Professional weather enthusiasts and hobbyists love the Ambient Weather WS-1201. It features an extendable tripod, mounting batteries, and mounting hardware for the device's external sensor array. It's now being sold on Amazon at a price about $309.

What we found that was interesting about the device is its fast updates. For example, it updates every 14 seconds automatically. This helps users plan outdoor projects or activities in relation to real weather conditions.

To use the device, assemble the outdoor array. It has a sensor that tracks the weather, so you need to get this installed first. Lastly, you wirelessly connect the interior sensor, base station, and the exterior sensor. Consumers took on average 30 minutes setting up this device, making it very easy to install for beginners.

When it comes to weather conditions, the Ambient Weather WS-1201 measures the temperature, rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure, and wind direction. It also can capture the advanced data information such as solar radiation, heat index, wind chill, dew point, and UV.


The Ambient Weather WS-1201 doesn't need to use radio or Wi-Fi to transmit data and uses its special technology. It doesn't lose its signals quickly even when facing extreme weather conditions.

We also noticed the fast data transmission speeds. The WS-1201's indoor and outdoor console sends data at a speed of 915MHz through the LCD color display. The display is appealing and is used on desktops or when it's mounted on a wall.

But, we've noticed an issue with the device. Consumers wished that the device was able to connect to the internet and work with PC devices. If you want an off the grid weather station, then this device is the best choice for you.

Despite the small difficulties, the Ambient Weather WS-1201 is a very solid weather station. Not only is the device simple to install and provides accurate reports on weather changes. This is the perfect weather station for the user who wants an organic report each time it's in use.

Buying Advice

Still, don't know if a weather station is right for you? Keep reading to receive high-quality advice to help you make your shopping process easier.

Whether you're a weather hobbyist or an average homeowner who wants to obtain more specific information about the weather in your backyard, there is a good weather station product suited to your needs.

There is a myriad of companies that tend to operate on this niche. Each of them having a varied degree of success. Hours of reviewing weather stations can reveal what companies are doing better than their competitors.

You have two choices with that information. You can either research the information on your own or take advantage of the resources we give you on this small buying advice guide. We've searched through each guide to help you make a conscious decision in regards to your next weather station.

Features To Look Out For

Great weather stations come with a myriad of features. Here is a quick synopsis of the most common features:

  • Rain gauge: Collects rainfall
  • Sensors: Sensors can be either simple or complex. Sensors gather and find the weather data and transmit it via a wireless connection or cable and is sent through the console/receiver.
  • Wind gauge: Measures the wind speed. Also known as an anemomeoetter.
  • Console/Receiver: This is the most important part of the weather station. It finds the information from the outside environment and relays the data back to the user. Some consoles are simple and just send numerical data, or some include icons and 24-hour graphs depending on the software.
  • Atomic Clocks: Atomic clocks are used to synchronize with the US atomic clock located in Fort Collins, Colorado. This always adjusts for daylight savings and is 100% accurate.
  • PC Software: Some weather stations come with PC software so that the data can be uploaded via the internet and has software that achieves your gathered data on the computer.
  • When shopping for your first weather station, keep these features in mind. To make the process easier, make a list of all of the features you'd want in a weather station. Eliminate the weather stations that don't match your needs or perform to your standards.

Battery Power

Another important aspect to consider is the battery power of your weather station. Your weather station can come in either battery powered, AC, or solar powered.

Battery powered stations are quick to start, but their batteries will have to be recharged at some point. Make sure that you have either rechargeable batteries or repairs so that it can continue running if the batteries die out.

Ambient Weather WS-1201-IP


AC weather stations are great when you need a corded station to provide stable reports. While they are harder to set up, rest assured that you'll have a reliable weather station that won't fail at giving you the accurate data that you are seeking.

Solar powered weather stations are great if you're traveling or live in an area with a high concentration of sunlight. While they aren't good in colder environments, solar-powered stations can operate for up to 100 hours without needing a battery and is great for campers and hikers.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude, the Ambient Weather WS-1201 is the best weather station for regular weather hobbyists. It can read the weather fast and gives you detailed reports and is the perfect backup station if your WiFi one doesn't work. Ultimately, look into this device today if you want to understand weather organically and accurately.


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