Netatmo Weather Station Review

Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone Review

You don't want to be without a weather station if you live in an area with constant changes. You'll be unable to notice any difference in the trends and not successfully adapt to the ever-changing environment. It's important to own a weather station so that you're prepared for any differentiation in climate.

Netatmo Weather Station

About The Product

This review will be highlighting the Netatmo Weather Station. It has the ability to track your weather data and place it in an appealing graph for further analysis. Keep reading to understand why this weather station is a must have for the avid weather aficionado and the average forecaster.


  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Real-Time Notifications and Graphs
  • Lifetime free personal account
  • IFTTT Integration
  • Data Transmission Range 100ft

Product Overview

The Netatmo Weather Station is the best dual module station that's available. It comes with a separate outdoor module that's plugged by AAA batteries. The indoor module can be plugged by AA batteries, but also a USB port. You can't find this weather station on Amazon for about $153.

This weather station has the best setup system that's also beginner friendly. For example, its system asks if you want to copy the phone's WiFi settings. This makes it easier for you as you don't have to enter a password in order to use the device constantly.

If you need a weather station with a good transmission range, the Netatmo Weather Station transmits data from up to 100ft. When obstacles are around, its data transmission rate is at a smaller 40ft.

The data is easily recorded on the device's Netatmo app. Users like this feature the outdoor module record weather data in 24-hour intervals. Thus, you get an accurate report via both modules making it an easy product to use for everyday weather tracking.

Netatmo Weather Station picture

And, the Netatmo Weather Station interior module quickly records your weather data within 5 seconds. This is faster than competing devices take up to 4 minutes to display data. You'll always have your weather report sent to you at a fast rate, and it can be archived for future analyzations.

Shoppers also liked the ability to make their custom alarms. You can create alerts it sends push notifications to your phone if the carbon level exceeds over 1000 ppm This helps users receive quick alerts if a storm occurs in their location.

However, consumers across the board complained about the weather station's outdoor module. Its performance doesn't match up to the indoor module and tends to break within 6 months of usage. If this occurs, don't hesitate to call for a replacement.

Mainly, if you want a weather station that gets the job done, then look no further. The Netatmo Weather Station will assist you in finding the temperature, humidity, rainfall, UV ratings, and the radiation, and You should get this weather now if you want the best reports within a short time frame.

Buying Advice

There are some buying advice.

Monitoring Apps

If possible, you should get a weather station that has an app for your laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Most high-end models come compatible for both Android and iOS phones. Having a monitoring app gives you the advantage of having a safe place to store your data.

But they do more than just data storage. Weatherization apps can create graphs, pie-charts, and other methods of data representation to help you accurately see the weather that's occurring in your area.

Rain Gauge

Rain gauges come with a self-emptying bucket technology. On average, the bucket is around 8 inches tall to provide an accurate measurement on how much precipitation has hit the ground. Rain gauges measure .01 inches of the liquid each time the seesaw rain collector is tipped.

If you want to keep your rain gauge clean, invest in debris or insect mesh. This makes it easier to clean the rain gauge and prevents all unwanted elements from entering it. You should get a rain gauge that consists of metal or aluminum to have the highest level of protection.

Desktop Vs. Wireless Station

Desktop weather stations are basic and are made for casual use. Usually, they have an outdoor weather sensor that measures both the humidity and the temperature and barometric pressure.

Most desktop weather stations have alarms and is capable for forecasting for the short term. We suggest getting a desktop weather station if it's your first time purchasing one, or you want a stable and reliable way to get the data reports on the daily weather that occurs in your area.

Wireless weather stations are plugged in via a WiFi network. Unlike desktop weather stations, these stations are better at predicting long-term weather trends. They are easier to set up, and only require a good wireless connection to work properly.


But, you don't want to have a wireless weather station in the event of an emergency. While they are good for tracking data more accurately than desktop stations, they become rendered useless when there's a storm occurring.

It's up to you to decide which one is better. Do you want stability? Then go for a desktop weather station. While they can't track long-term weather information, you won't have to worry about them failing to give a report during harsh storms such as rain, hail, or a hurricane.

Get the weather station that suits your needs the best. Each of them has different specs and things that make them different from other models. Once you find the weather station that appeals to you the most, then it's up to you to pull the trigger and make a purchase.


We believe that the Netatmo Weather Station is one of the most innovative weather stations you'll find. Users can get their weather reports in nicely designed graphs while also having their data protected by Netatmo's private server.

Conclusively, the Netatmo is a great choice for users wanting a fast and efficient way to track the weather. Buy this product today if you're ready to analyze weather trends and make adaptive changes due to them.


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